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Norco Storm 5

Norco Storm 5

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Norco Storm 5


The Storm 5 features a progressive off-road design and features that’ll help you discover your favorite way to ride.

The Storm 5 opens up the world of off-road adventure.

It’s built for off-road adventure, but the 6061 aluminum Storm 5 is more than happy to lead a double life on city streets and park paths.

Nimble, confident trail performance.

The Storm provides a more forward weight distribution within an extended wheelbase for powerful, efficient pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control on descents.

Comfort and control on the trail.

The perfect amount of suspension travel for off-road adventure and exploration, without feeling like you're carrying around extra weight or bulk when you don't need it.​

Mechanical systems protected from the elements.

By routing brake and shift cables within the frame, they are kept out of harm's way and critical systems work longer between services.​

Size-specific wheels optimize the ride.

XS and S are equipped with 27.5" wheels to suit smaller riders, and the L and XL feature 29" wheels for a smooth ride. Medium riders can choose either wheel size depending on preference!


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