Summer Service

Service & Repair

Did you just dig that bike out from under or behind the shed? Or did you finally get your bike off the hooks in garage? Well it's probably time to bring it into the shop.

We repair all makes, models and styles of bikes. If we haven't seen your bike or are not comfortable working on it, we will be honest and upfront with you on the repair.

We offer a FREE estimate on all repairs ( and needed parts) first so you can be aware and agree with any or all needed repairs and possible charges. 


Standard Tune Up

Overhaul Tune Up


Safe and ready to ride


Full disassembly + rebuild

Wipe down bike

Complete safety inspection

Inspect bearings

Adjust hubs, bottom bracket, crank, and headset

Minor wheel true

Brake and derailleur adjustment

Lubricate brake and shifting components

Clean and lubricate drivetrain

Torque all nuts, bolts, and components

Inflate tires

Includes Standard Tune Up +

Disassemble entire bike frame, clean, and rebuild

Remove and degrease drivetrain components

Bearing overhaul (bottom bracket, headset, hubs)

Major wheel true

Replacement of components

Tubeless refresh

*Parts, supplies, added installs and GST are not included


Other Service


Flat Tire Repair

$10 + tube

Reseal of tubeless tires

$22 / tire

Replace Tire

$10 / tire + cost of tire

Wheel truing (Minor)


Wheel truing (Major)


Spoke replacement

$3ea + major wheel true

Hub bearing overhaul


Replace cassette




Replace brake cable

$26 / brake

Replace brake pads

$24 / brake

Brake adjustment

$18 / brake

Brake bleed

$32 / brake

Hydraulic hose replacement

$46 / brake

Install new brakes (external routing)

$32 / brake

Install new brakes (internal routing)

$46 / brake



Replace chain


Replace chainring


Replace crankset


Replace bottom bracket


Adjust front derailleur


Adjust rear derailleur


Replace front derailleur


Replace rear derailleur