Bikes n' Service

At Grindin Gears Bike n' Boards we sell bikes for everyone!
From e-bikes, kids, bmx, cruiser, fat tire and mountain bikes, we have the bike for you.
We stock trail ready bikes from some of the best brands in bike world.

Service & Repair

Did you just dig that bike out from under or behind the shed? Or did you finally get your bike off the hooks in garage? Well it's probably time to bring it into the shop.

We repair all makes, models and styles of bikes. If we haven't seen your bike or are not comfortable working on it, we will be honest and upfront with you on the repair.
We offer a FREE estimate on all repairs ( and needed parts) first so you can be aware and agree with any or all needed repairs and possible charges. 


(parts are not included)
All rates are based on a shop rate of $80 per hour. The minimum service charge is $5.00.

Standard Tune-up - $79.95 ( prices subject to change)
- includes - parts are extra -

Basic Bike Clean - any major dirt or mud maybe subject to extra cleaning charge.
Brakes: Adjust cable tension. Adjust brake shoe height and angle. Adjust for best braking performance.
Headset: Check for proper bearing adjustment. Adjust as needed.
Derailleurs: Check and/or adjust derailleur limit screws, cable tension, height and angle of front and rear Derailleurs. Align derailleur hanger.
Wheels: Adjust front and rear hub bearings. Minimal true if needed.
Bottom bracket: Check for proper bearing adjustment. Adjust as needed.
Tires: Fill tires to stated air pressure.
Saftey Check: Check, adjust and tighten any of the following; stem, handlebar, seat, controls, seatpost, cranks Installation of parts (some restrictions apply). All accessories installed at this time. 

Other Service

  • Flat tire repair - $10 + Tube
  • Reseal of Tubless tires : $22 / tire includes fluid
  • Replace tire(s) -  $10/tire + cost of tire
  • Replace broken spoke(s) and major true - $49
  • Wheel truing (minor) - $26
  • Wheel truing (major) - $49
  • Hub bearing overhaul (loose bearings) - $42
  • Replace cassette - $18


  • Replace brake cable(s) - $16 / each brake
  • Replace brake shoes - $12 / each brake
  • Minor brake adjustment (cable) $18 / brake
  • Minor brake adjustment (disc) $18 /brake
  • Bleed hydraulic disc brakes - $39.99 /brake
  • Disc-brake rotor repair - $20 /rotor
  • Hydraulic disc brake line repair/replace - $40 + Parts /brake
  • Install and adjust new brakes (cable) - $26 /brake
  • Install and adjust new brakes (disc/hydraulic) - $40 /brake
  • Install and adjust new brakes (disc/cable) - $30 /brake


  • Replace chain (may need to replace cassette, too) - $16
  • Replace chainring(s) - $30
  • Replace crankset and bottom bracket - $46
  • Adjust front derailleur - $24
  • Adjust rear derailleur - $24
  • Replace front derailleur - $24 (cables and housing not included)
  • Replace rear derailleur - $24 (cables and housing not included)
  • Replace shift cable(s) - $24 per / brake
  • Derailleur hanger (frame) repair/replacement - $24



  • Adjust headset - $16
  • Replace headset - $50
  • Replace handlebars - $26 (does not included taping of handlebars)
  • Replace stem - $18
  • Replace handlebar grips - $10