Here goes nothing.

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Here goes nothing.

Welcome to Grindin' Gears, an online shop and adventure guide for those who want to get out in nature and find something real. What started out as prairie kids dreaming of mountain powder has grown into a life long passion for adventure. As with most Canadians, adventure means travel, and travel usually leads to some amazing stories. What we hope to do is bring those stories to life through adventure guides, trip suggestions, and tales of the places and things we've seen. Thankfully, over the years we're met lots of great friends and we hope they can share some of their stories here too. 

What comes with the territory is needing new gear and trust us, we've abused a lot of stuff. During that time we've learned what you really need to make a memorable and safe trip. We want to bring you the best deals we can find on snowboard equipment, outerwear and outdoor equipment. We might even throw in a cool axe or whiskey flask when we find them. You know, general all around tough guy stuff. 

So here we go, at the start of yet another adventure. We don't know what's in store at the end of this run, but we always try to enjoy the ride. Here's to making more friends long the way.

The Crew from Grindin' Gears